by Maudie Palmer, Director
TarraWarra Catchment
April 19-August 14, 2005
TarraWarra Museum of Art (Victoria, Australia)

A keystone of founders Eva and Marc Besen’s vision for the TarraWarra Museum of Art was to provide an opportunity to make exhibitions specific to this new museum that would have national and international relevance.  New York based artist, Rebecca Smith, first visited Australia in 1990.  Since that time she has maintained her interest in Australia’s cultural history and I hoped that, at an appropriate time, we would be able to make an exhibition of her work.  Smith visited the half-built museum in 2003 and, on seeing its curved-stone walls begin to emerge from the hillside like an enormous sculptural form, her idea for this exhibition started to take shape.  This is the fist installation we have held where the artist worked directly with the space, combining her own visual language with the ‘sense of’ this particular ‘place’.  I wish to express my gratitude to Rebecca Smith for undertaking this long journey now realized on our walls.  I also wish to thank Barbara Flynn for her support and interpretation of this beautiful installation.  We are indebted to Senior Wurundjeri Elder Joy Murphy Wandin for her assistance and to the dedicated staff of the museum, especially Jenna Blyth and Roger Putnam who have been closely involved with the presentation of this project.


© Maudie Palmer 2005