Tape, paper, vinyl tape
26 x 37.5 feet

Mergers & Acquisitions
Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

Mergers & Acquisitions is an exhibition that establishes a series of unique “calls and responses,” with artworks speaking to each other through time and across the space of our four galleries. Paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, and photographs by renowned modern masters are combined with those made by consequential contemporary artists and architects. Some have been borrowed from private collections in Atlanta and Birmingham, others come from artist’s studios and galleries, and a few will be made on site. By combining these works, Mergers & Acquisitions offers playful and provocative affinities of form, content, and historical legacy. 
Spurred on by a1960’s enamel on paper drawing by sculptor David Smith (1906-1965), Wendy White will present a new painting featuring multiple canvases with spray-painted gestures and hints of language. Rebecca Smith, David’s daughter, will create a wall installation using variously colored commercial tape, linking herself to the others with regard to formal and procedural concerns.

Mergers & Acquisitions is a phrase that conjures personal, economic, institutional transformation. The exhibition acknowledges current global uncertainties, while offering a dynamic combination of objects and ideas, brought together in the spirit of generosity and collaboration. The list of artists included in this show are as follows: Giorgio Morandi, Bill Albertini, David Smith, Rebecca Smith, Gordon Matta-Clark, Atlanta architects Brian Bell and David Yocum, Salvador Dalí, Roger Ballen, Jacinda Russell, and Erwin Wurm, Leon Golub, René Magritte, Franz West, Radcliffe Bailey, Nina Katchadourian, Lucinda Bunnen, Scott Ingram, Shana Robbins, Romare Bearden, Lonnie Holley, Hank Willis Thomas, and William Pope L.

Stuart Horodner, Creative Director